Yoga is for everyone!

⁠Everyone deserves joy, community, and breathing space. Yoga is a celebration of your body, breath, and mind. It is a space to revel in being you!

⁠Good Omens Yoga provides yoga instruction that is practical and lighthearted with an emphasis on alignment, safety, and listening to your own body. It is committed to making yoga affordable, accessible, and always leaves a mat out for you 

 ⁠⁠Everyone Could Use a Good Om.

About me: 

Hi! I'm Rabi and I run Good Omens Yoga. I first got serious about yoga 4 years ago for my own injury prevention and pain management. It worked! My pain disappeared, my body was stronger and healthier, and by that time I was hooked. Yoga continues to be my most reliable tool for keeping my body healthy, but it is also the place where I have found community, joy, space, and peace. 

⁠When I'm not at yoga, I am a classroom teacher too! I just can't help sharing what I know with everyone I meet, and I love helping others learn and explore. Classroom teaching has made me passionate about equity, accessibility, easy-to-understand directions, and meeting everyone where they're at in their practice. 

⁠I am an incurable learner and passionate teacher whose greatest joy is watching other discover, learn, and grow both on and off the mat. 

  - @goodomensyoga