Why Yoga?/FAQ

What is yoga/who is yoga for?

Yoga is for everyone! The word "yoga" simply means "union". It's a word that describes the desire to be in tune with one's body, mind, and the world all around us. Yoga is what serves YOU. 

There is no one way to practice yoga. It encompasses mindfulness, meditation, and the thoughtful use of breath and movement. 

Did you take a deep breath and stretch this morning? Enjoy the feeling of the sun on your skin as you walked to the subway station? Delight in the taste of a Mister Softee? Surprise! You're already practicing yoga. 

Yoga is great for your physical body, and for your mental and emotional self. Whether you're looking to stretch, sweat, work through an injury, find some breathing space for yourself, calm your nervous system, sleep better, develop a meditation practice or a spiritual connection, yoga can help!

What kind of group classes do you teach?

When teaching group classes I specialize in vinyasa flow. I regularly teach intermediate vinyasa flow at Life In Motion on the Upper West Side, Fridays 7:00pm-8:15pm. These intermediate classes are intended for regular yoga practioners looking to break a sweat, enjoy creative sequencing variations, and be introduced to more intricate and more advanced postures. 

I also sub for Life In Motion's Vinyasa Basic classes. These classes are for people who are newer to the practice or looking for more traditional sequencing. 

What can I expect from a private lesson?

The direction of a private lesson is completely up to you! Private sessions are a perfect way to deepen your practice and get personalized attention to fine tune your technique.

Private sessions are great for people with specific scheduling needs, injuries, building confidence before entering a group class, workshopping specific poses, developing a meditation practice, etc. 

Private Lesson Process

1 - Contact me directly through email, phone, or fill out an Inquiry Form.

2- I'll send you a new client intake form and/or set up a brief consultation call of 10-15 minutes to assess personal needs and goals. 

3 - Meet up and have our first class together! This can be in your own home, a rented studio space, or outdoors if the weather is good. We'll discuss from there how often you want to meet. 

4- Optional follow up and additional services. Traveling but still want to have a session? We can work out a skype call! Want to track your progress? We'll take pictures and videos of your progress along the way.